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catholic cemetery rules and regulations PATRICK CEMETERY, KENNETT SQUARE, PA 1. The Most Holy Redeemer Cemetery, 4268 Richmond St. Consumer Service Center Hotline (973) 504-6200. Address St. RULES AND REGULATIONS MT. . Online Donations - WeShare. level. Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society | Rules & Regulations. Joseph's Cemetery. 513-557-2306. Mausoleum Rules and Regulations. Recognizing that the purpose of rules and regulations sometimes are not completely understood by all persons, the Cemetery Association solicits its patrons STS. An office and staff are maintained at each cemetery to assist those in need of help or service. Pius V Church 410 W Colvill PO Box 367 Cannon Falls, MN 55009 Parish Office 507-263-2578 Fax 507-263-8005 Email stpiusvcf@frontiernet. C. The Catholic Cemetery Association of Racine Inc. 2. Press Office (For Reporters Only) DCAPress@dca. It includes land and other structures intended for the interment of human remains. net Parish Office Hours 9 Regulations have been adopted. The St. ernard’s Cemetery. When visiting a cemetery, these tips will help you enjoy a peaceful experience. - Visiting Hours: 7 Am To Sunset. Our cemeteries bear silent witness to the final resurrection and symbolize our faith, which tells us that life, while changed, does go on; It is not ended. We ask for your understanding and your cooperation. A copy of such Rules and Regulations is available in Catholic Cemeteries' office at the address stated on the front side hereof. Subject to the rules and regulations of the Roman Catholic Church, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, and the parish of St. org w: CapitalDistrictCemeteries. An exception may be made for Non-Catholic members of a Catholic family or those of other Christian faiths, subject to the approval of the Holy Decorations. cemetery visitation rules & regulations Catholic Cemeteries & Mortuaries understand the desire of families to pay tribute to their loved ones interred in our Cemeteries. The following rules and regulations have been adopted as a guide to the use and management of Riverside Catholic Cemetery, Calvary Cemetery, and Sacred Heart Cemetery. Funeral flowers BY-LAWS – the rules and regulations that govern the operation of the Cemetery, made pursuant to the Act, and separate and distinct from the Owner’s Corporate by-laws. the chairman of its Cemetery Committee prior to making funeral plans at the church and/or cemetery. 3. Peter's Cemetery. The use of secular imagery, nicknames, and personal quotes are subject to review and approval of the cemetery superintendent. For the foregoing reasons, the following Diocese of Manchester Cemetery Rules and Regulations (rules and regulations) are adopted for all Roman Catholic cemeteries within the Diocese of Manchester. Planting is limited to within one foot in front of the monument. info@cccsohio. D. RULES AND REGULATIONS GOVERNING MEMORIALS (ALSO KNOWN AS “HEADSTONES”) AT THE DIOCESE OF ORANGE CATHOLIC CEMETERIES (EXCEPT CATHEDRAL MEMORIAL GARDENS) The following RULES AND REGULATIONS are issued for the information and guidance of families, memorial dealers and their agents. Flowers, plants and shrubbery may not be planted on the gravesites or anywhere in the cemetery. The Vatican no longer requires burial in a Catholic cemetery, according to the St. In addition to the by-laws from time to time in force in regard to the cemetery, all provincial, municipal or other Feb 17, 2020 · Rules & Regulations The Virden Cemetery Association is a non-profit corporation composed of the living owners of grave spaces. “Certificate of Right of Sepulture” is the document which is provided to the Purchaser of the right of burial, entombment or Sep 29, 2017 · Traditional Catholic doctrine required that human remains be buried in consecrated ground, or ground blessed by a priest and deemed an appropriate final resting place by the Church. Each cemetery has a price list unique to that cemetery. Thank you for abiding by them. Sep 30, 2010 · RULE 1 Guardian Angels Church Cemetery is owned and operated in accordance with the laws of the State of Minnesota and the rules and discipline of the Roman Catholic Church. Rules and Regulations governing the following Cemeteries: Holy Cross, South Park Street, Halifax Mount Olivet, Mumford Road, Halifax Gate of Heaven, Sackville Drive, Lower Sackville. com Maple Grove Cemetery 1120 West Main Cross Street Findlay, OH 45840 419-424-7111 Can non-Catholics be buried in RI Catholic Cemeteries? RI Catholic Cemeteries welcomes all people as children of God. Cemetery Headstones: Rules & Regulations Most, although not all cemeteries have some sort of rules or regulations that control what size, shape, or even type of design the headstones place on the burial plots within their grounds have. This does not include any federal cemetery or burial laws (most of which will, in general, apply only to federally owned land). lps. These rules assist in protecting the cemeteries, creating and preserving their beauty Oct 01, 1992 · These Rules and Regulations are founded solely upon the premise that those who select and purchase any type of burial property (i. Joseph Cemetery reserves the right to remove and discard any item it feels is not in compliance with these written rules or, by St. General rules. These laws apply to both registered and unregistered and/or unmarked cemeteries and/or graves. IDFPR. cemetery grounds proper. The cemetery is not responsible for missing or broken vigil Can non-Catholics be buried in RI Catholic Cemeteries? RI Catholic Cemeteries welcomes all people as children of God. The cemetery office will be given 24 hours notice by all dealers for any work being done in the cemetery. - American Flags Permitted Memorial Day Thru July 4 & Nov. Canon 1205). Cemetery Rules & Regulations Revised December 15, 2016 Page 5 Article V Interment Procedures 5-A All funerals on entering a cemetery shall be governed by the rules and regulations established by the Management. Cemetery Overview. www. All lot (plot) holders and persons within the cemeteries, and all lots (plots), shall be subject to said Rules and Regulations, and subject further to such Rules and Regulations, Amendments, or Alterations Sacred Heart Cemetery Rules and Regulations All burials, placement of markers and other cemetery work must be performed by authorized cemetery personnel and/or contractors expressly employed by the parish. To assure a continuation of these sacred values and commitments that the Church has made to its faithful, and to maintain order for the good of all, the following rules and regulations are placed in effect. All the interments and removals are subject to the Canon Law of the Catholic Church, the rules and regulations of the Diocese of La Crosse, the State of Wisconsin, plus the rules and regulations of this cemetery. Rules Regulations FALL AND WINTER Grave Regulations November 1 to March 14 1. Stephen’s Parish Cemetery are established for a period of 50 years with perpetual care renewable at 25 years reserved for the exclusive acquisition by any parishioner or persons connected to the parish. 3) Non-Catholic members of Roman Catholic families may be buried in accordance with the Diocesan Regulations for the burial of non-Catholic in a St. 124 Halsey Street. 0 GENERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS: _____Church Cemetery is owned and operated in accordance with the laws of the State of _____ and the rules and discipline of the Roman Catholic Church. Jul 02, 2019 · Catholic Burial And Cremation. 11) All work of any description must be stopped when the continuation of work will interfere with any interment service being conducted on cemetery grounds. ”. Cemetery Decorating Regulations. state. Decoration Guidelines. 1-15. Artificial flowers are permitted ONLY from November 1 to March 31. Title in and to the land and premises set apart and dedicated as a cemetery is laws and ordinances of the city, parish and state, the laws and discipline of the Catholic Church, and these Rules and Regulations. 1 Weather Permitting. Patrick Cemetery Regulations St. Fresh cut flowers or artificial flowers are welcomed. gov. CALVARY CATHOLIC CEMETERY, ST. us. Questions concerning the burial of a non-Catholic member of a certificate-holder’s family should be referred to the pastor. *Members in good standing are defined in the By-Laws – Article 1, Section 3. Purchasers of lots, or single graves having made payment in full, will receive a Certificate of Easement, entitling them the use of said lots for burial of the dead. 22-A Memorial/Monument dealers shall abide by all the rules and regulations of the Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society, including our memorial authorization form, that must accompany all orders before any order can be placed. The cemetery is managed by a Board of Trustees appointed by the Macoupin County Board. Patrick Cemetery is consecrated by the Roman Catholic Church as a place of burial - a sacred place. Mausoleum Visiting Hours 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Every Day. At the time of adoption of these regulations the Cemetery has unrestricted access at all times but this situation may need to be reviewed if there is any breach of Section 18(1) rules (refer 2. Please read your certificate. A member or appointed person of the cemetery board shall be represented on the local parish pastoral council. Memorial Wreath Online Order. All those receiving an exhibit confirmation are bound by the terms and conditions of these Rules and Regulations. “Cemetery” for the purposes of these Rules and Regulations and the CCA, is defined as a place or area designated Rules & Regulations Caring for God's Acre Knowing of our mutual desire to have a well-kept cemetery, the Association is listing some of its applicable SUMMER and WINTER regulations. Newark, New Jersey 07102. com - the certified Cemetery Oversight Database vendor is Ramaker & Assoc. TITLE II: Title to Cemetery Property 1. The Superintendent must have assurances of the right of Rules and Regulations - Our Lady Queen of Peace Cemetery of the Diocese of Palm Beach, Inc. Final restrictions, specifications and approval shall be at the discretion of cemetery management. No planting of flower pots in ground. Catholic Video News. 2) The cemetery is maintained for the burial of only those members of the Roman Catholic Church who are entitled to Christian Burial according to the rules and discipline of the Roman Catholic Church. STANISLAUS CEMETERIES BERLIN WI OWNERSHIP: 1. Following are Rules and Regulations for burial and burial plots. Make sure to follow and obey the cemetery hours. These rules assist in protecting the cemetery, creating and preserving their beauty, and Jan 21, 2020 · Cemetery Rules & Regulations DATES TO REMEMBER April 1 – October 15 – All decorations should be placed in the vase or basket on the memorial. 1. All burials shall require a vault or outside container and must comply with the rules of the cemetery. Amended May 26, 2009. RULES and REGULATIONS GOVERNING MAPLE GROVE CEMETERY FINDLAY, OHIO June, 2018 LYDIA MIHALIK MAYOR CITY OF FINDLAY 310 Municipal Building 318 Dorney Plaza Findlay, OH 45840 419-424-7117 MATT STOFFEL PUBLIC WORKS SUPERINTENDENT mstoffel@findlayohio. St. 1 For the mutual protection and benefit of Burial Rights owners and the Cemetery, the following Rules and Regulations have been adopted by St. If there is any question or doubt, contact caretaker or parish before taking any action on your own. Rules & Regulations. Stephen’s Cemetery The plots in St. Make your cemetery plans. Follow the rules and observe any floral regulations they might have set. Who We Are. They are dedicated by the local ordinary (or his representative) to be used for a religious purpose. 3819 W 8th St, Cincinnati, OH 45205. 3 The Cemetery will be open to the public on such days and during such hours as the Council may, from time to time, determine. All vigil lamps must be removed by first Sunday of December. ‘Catholic Section’ of Public Cemetery Why choose a Catholic cemetery versus a ‘Catholic section’ of a public cemetery? When it comes to making important end-of-life decisions, there are many reasons to choose burial or entombment in a Catholic cemetery versus in what may be called the “Catholic section” of a Please help us maintain the beauty of the burial plots and mausoleums on these sacred grounds by observing these cemetery regulations: Fresh Cut Flowers: Permitted year-round; recommended placement time is March 16 until November 14. Bulletin Essays Decorations. Vendor Resources. John Catholic Cemetery has adopted the following rules and regulations which in its opinion will best afford the maximum protection to the lot owners and will best ensure the orderly growth and development of the cemetery as designed. What is the necessity of a liner? Regulations Concerning the Operation of St. The interment request form must be submitted by a Funeral Director when requesting a Cemetery Board Council of Catholic Women Finance Board Liturgy Committee Parish Council Prayer Chain/Prayer Group/ Greeting Card Ministry Social Justice Welcoming Committee. Mar 09, 2021 · Renewal Applications RenewalApplications@dca. To ensure a clear understanding of the legal rights and responsibilities existing between Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Cemetery, its management, and the The Cemetery shall be in no way liable for any delay in the interment of a body where a protest to the interment has been made or where the rules and regulations have not been complied with; and, further, the Cemetery reserves the right, under such circumstances, to place the body in the receiving vault until the full rights have been determined. Mary Magdalene Cemetery, Bolinas Feb 01, 2016 · RULES AND REGULATIONS ST. During the month of November one large vigil light may be placed on each grave in a proper stand. Interpretation of terms Throughout these rules and regulations: - 2. Arrangements for all interments are to be made with the Superintendent. - Artificial Flowers Permitted Nov. The Cemetery Committee supervises the operation, record-keeping systems, and policies for Our Lady of the Fields Parish Cemetery. Joseph Cemetery’s discretion, the item is not within the spirit of the rules or general principles of the cemetery as determined by the staff. and any reasonable direction given by cemetery authorities. The Cemetery Authorities shall be in no way liable for any delay in the interment of a body where a protest to the interment has been made, or where the rules and regulations have not been complied with, or where said rules and regulations shall forbid such interment. A complete listing of service charges of the Catholic Cemeteries Association. CEMETERY RULES AND REGULATIONS ST. Michael Cemetery is holy ground. Burial in a Catholic Cemetery is a statement of continued belief in everlasting life, even in death. PERMITS AND RULES AND REGULATIONS Catholic Cemeteries Department Archdiocese of San Francisco Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma Holy Cross Cemetery, Menlo Park Mount Olivet Cemetery, San Rafael Our Lady of the Pillar, Half Moon Bay Pilarcitos Cemetery, Half Moon Bay St. They intend to help sanctify the memories of those buried within the cemeteries and to create an environment which awakens faith and brings consolation. Four Diocesan Cemeteries. Catharines, in Canada. This appearance depends in part on the cemetery. Apr 08, 2020 · future By-laws and Rules of the Corporation and Canon Law of the Catholic Church relating to interment, entombment or inurnment in a Catholic Cemetery. These rules and regulations were made to help ensure the preservation and proper operation of our cemeteries. Thomas Cemetery does allow up to one cremains to be buried with an existing burial if the necessary 12 inches of ground cover can be achieved. Louis? Rules & Regulations: St. org Section 8 of the Religious Corporations ALL SAINTS POLISH NATIONAL CATHOLIC CEMTERY RULES AND REGULATIONS These Rules and Regulations have been developed by the Cemetery Trustees to maintain the beauty and dignity of All Saints Polish National Catholic Cemetery. njoag. Catholic Cemeteries Rules and Regulations are for the mutual protection of all individuals and families. Decorations not placed in the vases or baskets create mowing hazards, therefore they may not be placed. - All Christmas Decorations Removed By Feb. Decorations. Catholic Link. Parish Life. In order to help maintain the sanctity of the cemetery, the following guidelines are issued to help maintain the dignity and reverence of this holy place. Concrete outer burial containers are required for all interments. Certain provisions of the Cemetery Act do/may apply, as these provisions are applicable to all cemeteries in the State of New Jersey. May 26, 2009 · Rules & Regulations . ernard’s emetery is the property of St. Cemetery rules and regulations are intended to provide for a sense of order and a consistent practice which will assure proper reflection on Church Teachings and Christian beliefs. The Superintendent or Committee shall be governed by these by-laws, rules and regulations, and the amendments thereof. nj. com Maple Grove Cemetery 1120 West Main Cross Street Findlay, OH 45840 419-424-7111 The Catholic cemetery is intended for the interment of Catholics, catechumens and members of their families who have this right to Christian burial according to the rules of the Roman Catholic Church. Call. after the cost Sandy Lake Cemetery Rules and Regulations Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church 2020 No casket or urn may be buried in the cemetery without submitting a copy of the Provincial Burial Permit and/or Certificate of Cremation to the cemetery manager or appointed parish representative. Visiting Hours are from 7:00 am until 4:00 pm daily. The most up-to-date instruction from Rome on burial and cremation was issed in 2016 from the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, with the approval of Pope Francis. , Philadelphia, PA Aug 03, 2015 · When performing any such work on cemetery grounds, personnel must comply with all rules and regulations of Catholic Cemeteries, Inc. Pot stands must be approved by cemetery board before any installation takes place. FAQ. Rules & Regulations In the spirit of maintaining the sacred nature and dignity of the Catholic cemetery, the following will be enforced. A Catholic cemetery is a sacred place set aside by the Church for the burial of the faithful and reflects the Church’s teaching and traditions. ernard’s atholic hurch of elfield, North Dakota. Cemeteries, like homes and neighborhoods, can be beautiful and attractive, or cluttered and untidy. Cemetery Rules & Regulations Albany/Troy Office: (518) 463-0134 Schenectady/Colonie Office: (518) 374-5319 e: Info@RCDACemeteries. It is our honor and duty to provide a beautiful, peaceful, and reverent resting place for our loved ones. Catholic Life. 5. com under the License Type - Cemetery Oversight. Rules and regulations will be strictly enforced. Permitted from November 15 until March 15. Cemetery Rules and Regulations. tradeshows. Toll free (NJ only) (800) 242-5846. Rules and Regulations This Agreement and the use of the interment space are subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Cemetery now existing, and as hereafter adopted or changed. Climbing or playing on cemetery monuments is NOT allowed. The Mausoleum closes at 3:30 pm daily. Such Rules and Jan 19, 2013 · The Cemetery reserves the right to deny entrance to any dealer or agent in memorials who does not observe the rules and regulations of the Cemetery. Title to the burial place to be used must be presented at the Cemetery Office before an interment will be made. Funeral flowers should be GENERAL. MEMORIALS AND RULES FOR MEMORIAL WORK. assumes no liability to lot owners for removal and discarding or items placed in violation of cemetery rules and regulations. All activities within any of the Redemptorist Cemeteries shall be subject to these Rules and Regulations and such amendments and additions thereto as shall be adopted by the Cemetery Management from time to time. Cremation Section 1. Detailed Catholic Examination of Conscience. A full text of cemetery rules and regulations is available for you to view at the cemetery office. These Rules and Regulations are part of the application for Exhibit Space at the 2016 Orlando, FL Convention and Exposition. To inquire about a cemetery location, burial, or for more information about our rules and regulations, please contact Jeff Rogers: 410-279-3137. Church. e. PETER & PAUL CEMETERY RULES AND REGULATIONS 1. operates in accordance with the laws of the State of Wisconsin and the rules and discipline of the Catholic Church. The following is a partial list of state and local cemetery and burial laws. No casket or urn may be buried in the cemetery without first You can get there by clicking Cemetery Rules under the About Usbutton or by following the link provided below. CARE AND MAINTENANCE – the preservation, improvement and upkeep in a proper manner of a Cemetery, lot, Decorations. Anthony Cemetery, Pescadero St. Rules and Regulations play an important part in the beautification and preservation of the sacred resting place of the faithful departed. National Catholic Registrar. This is an important factor when choosing what type of memorial you want to select for your loved one. “Catholic Cemetery” is the cemetery created and set aside by the Roman Catholic Church as a sacred place in compliance with Canons 1205 through 1213 of the Code of Canon Law. MARYS, KANSAS & HOLY CROSS CATHOLIC CEMETERY, EMMETT, KANSAS PREAMBLE Like Catholic churches, Catholic cemeteries are considered "sacred places" in Canon Law (cf. MICHAEL AND ST. Only approved dealers will install foundations and monuments. - 3 - As to our general objectives, let us mention some: 1. All lots and parts of lots already conveyed hereafter shall be held subject to the provisions These by-laws and any amendments thereto apply to all cemeteries owned by The Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of the Diocese of St. Vatican News. ilcod. We encourage families to express their love and respect with decorations. The income derived from the sale of grave spaces, care of graves, endowments, fees, etc. Jul 01, 2021 · the Associated Catholic Cemeteries Corporation hereby adopts the following Rules and Regulations. Visit. These Rules and Regulations are partly in response to the, “Minnesota Catholic Cemetery Policies and Procedures-2002” a copy of which is located in the local parish office. Archdiocese of Newark Catholic Cemeteries, which is not a cemetery company under the Cemetery Act, because religious cemeteries are generally exempt from the provisions of the Cemetery Act. Catholic Cemeteries of Oshkosh, Inc. Holiday hours for CCA offices and field for 2021. When payment is made for a grave(s), the purchase gives the purchaser The following rules and regulations have been carefully edited, and the Cemetery Board of Directors has tried to adopt none that would abridge the most perfect freedom of each individual plot owner, except when injurious to the best interests of all. FORMED, The Catholic Faith On Demand. It reserves the right to refuse admission to the Cemetery and to refuse the use of any of the Cemetery’s facilities, at any time, to any person or persons THE CINCINNATI CATHOLIC CEMETERY SOCIETY . No fresh cut flowers are allowed in mausoleum buildings. These rules and regulations apply to all lots, all those who hold a lot, crypt or tomb, and all visitors to the cemeteries. RULES AND REGULATIONS. The instruction on “the burial of the deceased and the conservation of the ashes in the case of cremation. 1 Thru March 31 Only. 5-B A Burial Permit for each funeral from the city, borough, or township authority having jurisdiction of The third group that must be considered includes the Catholic Church itself, its rituals, disciplines and procedures, cemetery management and all cemetery support staff. Christmas decorations are removed February 1, weather permitting. Saint Paul's Catholic Church 304 Sinclair Lewis Avenue - Sauk Centre, Minnesota 56378 SAINT PAUL'S CEMETERY General Rules and Regulations 1. What are the rules regarding memorials? All memorials will have a Roman Cross or other Catholic symbol as the most prominent feature of any design. The following rules and regulations have been established to ensure the safety of those who visit and those who maintain the grounds in addition to preserving the beauty and By-Laws Rules and Regulations (Cemetery Name) TITLE I: Management 1. Cemetery will mark the location of item to be placed. Lot Decorations In decorating your lots you may have the following items within the allowed 16 inch space: 1. Grave ownership remains with the Cemetery Association, which has its own Board of Directors, separate from Parish Corporation or Officers. We will comply with the guidelines, policies, rules and regulations of the Diocese of Norwich Cemetery Corporation as our unique parish cemetery allows. (1) Only Catholics, (who in life have been members of the Church in good standing) may be buried in a Catholic cemetery. com under the Catholic Cemetery Conference link. Any protest must be in writing and filed at the Main Office of the cemeteries. REDEMPTORIST CEMETERIES . Cemetery Visiting Hours 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Every Day. The Catholic Cemeteries Association takes great pride in the maintenance and constant improvement of our cemeteries. Contract Payment Online. 22). org. The information contained in this brochure addresses many of the common questions posed by families and visitors to our catholic cemeteries. Most cemeteries have a sign posted near the entrance listing rules specific to the property. In the very earliest days, the Roman Catholic Church found it necessary to make rules and regulations which would protect the sacred places and relics laid Catholic Cemetery vs. It is a carefully worded document. Religious ceremonies contrary to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church will not be permitted within this cemetery. CCCS Ohio. Our mission is that your deceased loved ones be buried with dignity and have ongoing care of their graves. The cemetery is a place set aside to be used for the interment of human remains. No markers monuments or any permanent item may be placed in the cemetery without prior approval of the cemetery board. 4). - Planting Is Limited To Within One Foot Of The Cemetery Oversight Dept: 312-814-2886 (Chicago - Cemetery/Funeral Oversight Office) -OR- 217-782-8556 (Springfield - Licensing) You may also do a license look up online at www. Hours of Operation (on the Rules Page) Do you also have the baptismal records for people buried in the Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of St. However, RI Catholic Cemeteries maintains all the ceremonies, rules, and regulations of the Catholic Church to ensure that the Catholic Cemetery maintains its holy and sacred identity. The interment/ entombment of cremains are subject to the same rules and regulations as are other interments according to Cemetery, State and Church laws. The current version of the Rules and Regulations of the Catholic Cemeteries Association is available for download. Press Office (For Reporters Only) (973) 504-6444. I. , traditional ground burial, lawn crypt burial, or mausoleum entombment) in one of the Catholic cemeteries as the final resting place for their revered dead, will wish to see the preservation, on a perpetual basis, of the religious and dignified atmosphere that 3. It reserves the right to refuse admission to the Cemetery and to refuse the use of any of the Cemetery’s facilities at any time, to “Catholic Cemetery” is land used as a cemetery and set aside by the Roman Catholic Church as a sacred place in compliance with Canons 1205 through 1213 of the Code of Canon Law. Artificial Flowers, Silk Flowers, Potted Plants, etc. Grave Decoration Rules: No planting of trees, shrubs or flowers. Our decorating regulations are intended to keep our cemeteries beautiful, respectful, and safe. What is the necessity of a liner? St. Rules and Regulations 1. Contact Information. Overleigh Cemetery, Handbridge Wharton Cemetery, Winsford Chester Crematorium Cheshire West and Chester Council reserve the right to make alterations in or additions to these rules and regulations, fees and charges specified herein. Joseph Catholic Cemetery Committee reserves the right to change these rules and regulations. Patrick, purchasers of the grave sites acquire solely the privilege of the burial of human Catholic Cemeteries Rules and Regulations are for the mutual protection of all individuals and families. All business relating to each cemetery should be conducted at that particular cemetery’s office. Anthony Messenger, so followers can be buried at the place of their choosing. catholic cemetery rules and regulations

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